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Semi-permanent make-up is ageless! It is there, but no one can see it! It perfectly suits all active women who wish to look great every moment of the day, especially when they wake up in the morning. It is the ideal solution for every woman who wishes to be more confident of herself and of her beauty every second of the day.

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"Ioana is the only person who I can warmly recommanded to every single lady who wishes to have perfect natural eyebrows, because she is like an alchemist who knows how much to take and how much to add so that to retrace your face, enhancing the beauty of your lineaments. She puts all her soul in her work and nobody leaves unsatisfied. I, for one, simply adora her!!!" Ani Plumb
sports presenter Antena 1

"Because I love naturalness, because i wish to wake up every morning feeling beautiful and because her magic hand transforms in reality, I warmly choose Ioana." Dana Tănase
Fashion designer

"In a country like România, where the tattoo of the eyebrows or of the lips can be easily confused with semi-permanent make-up, Ioana Zbarcea makes the difference. Once the first treatment ended for the correction of eyebrows, with the help of the innovating technique learned at one of the most prestigious schools of Italy, I understood that I had in front of me a professional who masters perfectly the symmetry rules, and who knows how to bring into light the best features of a face. Every time I look through old photos, I feel grateful that my eyebrows, that she redifined completely, change my expression. From her I learnt that sensuality has nothing to do with grossness." Bianca Nutu
Beauty Editor The One

"Ioana is the person who helps you rediscover yourself and smile every single time you look in the mirror." George Soare
Hair stylist Tribute Salon


Semi-permanent make-up is a technique which allows any kind of correction and personalization of your lineament with the help of make-up. It is the ideal solution for every woman who wishes to be more confident of herself and of her beauty every second of the day and on any occasion.

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  • TIME

    For the contour of lips and eyebrows: for young persons, it lasts for 1 to 3 years. We recommend another treatment every year, to keep the color alive.
    For eye contour, it last 10 to 15 years. Naturally, the color will change during all this time, passing from black to deep gret and then to clear grey.


    Tattoo Semi-permanent Make-up
    The pigment is introduced into the dermis, the deepest layer of the skin The pigment is introduced into the epidermis, the superficial layer of the skin
    Involves considerable pain Involves moderate pain
    It last for life It lasts a certain period of time , depending on the age, the type of the skin of the person, and of the color used
    The pigment remains marked into the dermis forever, with no possibility of correction. Moreover, the color suffers important transformations. The pigment surfaces following cellular regrowth. The shape and the color can be modified. And one can even decide they don't want it anymore.

    Semi-permanent make-up can be used for different parts of the face: for the correctional contour of the lips, for the correction and reconstruction of the eyebrows, to thicken the eyelashes or as an eye-liner for the eye. It is a technique of pigmenting the epidermis by introducing mineral micro pigments into the superficial layer of the epidermis, allowing the fading of the pigment in time. This fading of the color depends on the cellular renewal of every single subject. The treatment consists of two different appointements, 30 days apart. The result is individual, as well as the duration of the color which can last for 2 to 4 years, with a maintaining treatment every 12 or 18 months to renew the intensity and the brightness of the color.


    For the best results, we recommend that you:

    • • Absolutely avoid exposure to the sun or to sunlamps for at least 10 days after the treatment.
    • • Avoid peeling off the crust which forms in the treated zone. This has to fall off spontaneously (10 days).
    • • Avoid contamination of the treated zone so as to keep out secondary infections.
    • • Do not touch the treated zone with dirty hands, avoid dust, do not use cosmetic make-up, do not use alcohol based lotion or moisturizer (for 10 days).

    The Biotic Phocea Pigments contain the same elements which are found in the human body (minerals, collagen, elastin), and thus are well-tolerated. In addition, these are the only pigments which have been developed under clinical control by a surgeon, their quality being certified internationally.

    The pigments are colored liquids consisting of mineral powder specially studied for use in semi-permanent make-up. They are non-toxic substances, certified by the American and European Organizations. The Biotic Phocea pigments contain: Alcohol, Glycerin, Iron Oxide, Titanic Oxide, Mineral waters.


    We recommend that you don't have semi-permanent make-up if you have:

    • • Intolerance or allergy to any of the components.
    • • Skin infections or dermatitis present on the surface of the client's skin.
    • • Diabetes, even if the client is not under treatment with insulin.
    • • The presence of warts or moles in the zone which has to be treated.


The eyebrows form the only "line" which crosses our face. This "line" can make us look 5 years younger or older. Semi-permanent make-up is ageless. It exists, but no one can see it. Jogging, Pilates, and Spinning are just a few activities that you can practice without using cosmetics.




In order to sustain farther the idea of natural appearance, a new technique of pigments has been developed which, without strictly following line, creates the sensation of shades. Eye-liner can be replaced by fine shadows which seem to be drawn by an eyeliner pencil slightly smoothed. We introduce pigment also at the base of the lower eyelashes in order to create a thickening effect. At the same time, on the lips, we can work at the level of the mucous membrane in order to create a natural effect.




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